Wellness for Mind Body and Spirit

Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Health and Nutritional Counseling, and Quantum Reflex Analysis By Radiant Vitality with Monica Smith.


Bypass conscious resistance and manifest changes in your life with Hypnosis – a natural, perfectly safe state of a focused mind and body awareness, it creates a mindset that is goal driven leading to immediate success.

Treatment Cost | $125.00

Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling

Are you suffering from the effects of today’s “Standard American Diet” allergies, weight gain, and insomnia, hormonal and menopausal issues? Learn how to “Eat for Health”, get the tools necessary to meet your personal health goals and make lasting lifestyle changes. Focus on healthy whole nutrient dense organic foods, and life stress reduction techniques.

Experience what it is to enjoy life and feel great again. Live your life with Radiant Vitality!

60 minutes | $85.00

Package Deals

3 follow up sessions for $230.00
6 follow up sessions for $460.00

Quantum Reflex Analysis

A breakthrough technique designed to pin point the root cause of fatigue, digestive complaints, pain and many other chronic ailments. The Bio-Energetic field status of the body’s essential network of organs and glands has been scientifically proven to affect our optimum health and radiant vitality. Through Quantum Reflex Analysis, the practitioner can locate a disruption of this field and a course of treatment can be designed to restore the Bio-Energetic levels. Through a holistic approach providing premier Mud Packing along with naturally derived supplements and nutrients, optimum health and wellness can be restored. Schedule a Free 15 minute consultation health screening today.

60 minutes | $90.00

Package Deal
3 follow up sessions for $240.00

Reflexology – also known as Zone Therapy

Reflexology is an ancient alternative to traditional treatments that date back to Egyptian times. It involves the physical act of applying a specific pressure technique to the feet with the aim of stimulating the body’s natural re-balancing process. Benefits include relaxation, enhanced circulation, reduced pain, inflammation, and edema. This hour long treatment includes steam towels, exfoliation, and heated mitts for the feet.

60 minutes | $90.00


Dr. Wenacur practices traditional Japanese acupuncture with advances in the Palpatory diagnosis and treatment style made popular by Kiiko Matsumoto. This style relies upon palpation of reflex points in the body, and using acupoints Along established meridians in the body to restore balance and treat many common and uncommon medical conditions. Dr. Wenacur is a physician in private practice, and earned his certification in medical acupuncture from Harvard University.

Treatment Cost | $85.00 - $110.00

Therapeutic Mud Packing - a new frontier in Quantum State Detoxification

This is a simple procedure where by therapeutic clay, minerals, botanicals, and peat magma are mixed with water to make a paste or “mud” and is then applied to the problematic body area. Mud packing is excellent for clearing pain from an injury site while providing highly effective natural detoxification for the entire body.

60 minutes | $75.00


Ancient cultures believed that energy flows through our bodies affecting our well being on many levels. Scientific research studies have shown that imbalances, disruptions or blockages of these energy flows may lead to physical, emotional or mental illnesses. The healing modality Reiki attempts to rebalance and heal these energy flow deficiencies leading to improved health and well being. Reiki is a Japanese name given to a system of relaxation and natural healing for body and mind promoting inner peace, harmony and a sense of well being.

30 minutes | $45.00
60 minutes | $75.00

Eve Taylor – Aromatherapy Full Body Treatment

This Therapeutic Lymph Drainage Technique treats both mind and body with the use of world renowned Eve Taylor Essential Oils specifically blended for your own personal conditions. This incredible experience rids the body of cellular wastes, detoxifies and reduces stress. A luxurious heated mitt treatment for hands and feet completes this must have treatment.

60 minutes | $90.00


A 24 hr. advance cancellation notice is required; or a $20.00 service charge will be applied. Children must be accompanied by an adult and kept under control at all times. All Services are Confidential.

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Services are offered by appointment; payment is due at time of treatment We accept cash, check, or charge - MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

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To ensure a relaxing environment for all spa guests, kindly turn your cell phones to silent before entering the spa.

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